Our Marine Parks are under threat

The Federal Government is proposing to wind back more than 399,000 km2 of pristine ocean ecosystems around our coast – that’s an area larger than Victoria and Tasmania combined!

This destructive plan will clear the way for large-scale industrial fishing and mining in these areas that will exploit Australia’s marine life, reduce fish stocks and destroy habitats that are home to precious animals like dugongs, turtles and sharks.

What will this mean for our oceans?

Hear from world-renowned marine scientist Dr. Jessica Meeuwig on the devastating impacts the Government’s proposal will have on our ocean habitats, and what you can do to help.

But you can help!

You can help Save the Marine Parks, so that they remain as pristine refuges for our beautiful marine creatures and spectacular corals.

Australian and International musicians and other high profile supporters, along with people like you who care about your oceans, are coming together to call on Prime Minister Turnbull to intervene and Save The Marine Parks.

Together we’re building a movement of people working together to put so much pressure on the Prime Minister that he has no choice but to stop this destructive plan from going ahead.

Will you add your voice to the call, by signing the petition now?

Meet the supporters

Meet the supporters who are standing up to protect our oceans and the marine life that inhabit them.

Cold Chisel

Midnight Oil

Birds of Tokyo

The Living End

Missy Higgins

Alex the Astronaut

Middle Kids


Cody Simpson

Gang of Youths

The Presets

Hoodoo Gurus

Kate Miller Heidke


The Avalanches

Something for Kate

Paul Kelly

Josh Pyke

Save the Marine Parks

The Government’s plan to wind-back 399,000 km2 kilometres of marine park will have devastating effects for our beautiful corals, and precious marine life like dugongs, sea turtles, fish, whales and sharks.

It will clear the way for large-scale industrial fishing in:
• The Coral Sea Marine Park
• Middleton Reef (part of the Lord Howe Marine Park)
• The Diamantina Fracture Zone
• Argo Rowley Terrace and Gascoyne zones that sustain the marine life of the Kimberley and Ningaloo have been stripped of much of their green zone protection
• The Gulf of Carpentaria off the Wessel Islands, Karumba and in the Torres Strait.

That’s why musicians and other high profile supporters from Australia and around the world, as well as people like you who care about our oceans, are taking a stand to protect marine parks.

Will you sign the petition now, and add your voice to the chorus of people calling for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to intervene and Save The Marine Parks?

Sign the petition to Save the Marine Parks!